Wednesday, June 1, 2011


If you have many computer, on the other place you can remote every computer from your computer standby near you, and you can logoff or shutdown it.

Many Remote Desktop application which is available on the Internet, like Radmin, PCANYWHERE, ULTRA VNC, LogMeIn or the default Windows it self REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION. But this time we will try to use TEAM VIEWER.
This application can be downloaded here:
TEAM VIEWER after you download, then TEAM VIEWER can be run with 2 options.

1. Without Install: TEAM VIEWER means without installed can be directly used with a fixed ID and Password distinguished Random / Random continuously every time on the run
2. With Install: TEAM VIEWER be installed on your PC, and your computer will get the password reply Permanent / can be changed at any time as you like.

INSTALL WITH advantages are: Team viewer will always be run at any time because of his services already installed on your PC.
This time we will discuss how Meremoth computers through LAN and Internet network

Eg in the Local network there are 2 PC (A and B)
A: its IP address is its IP address is

If we want to remote into from A to B then:
1. Ensure Computer and Computer PURPOSE OF ORIGIN TEAM VIEWER already running 

2. In the CREATE SESSION A computer, input the IP computer B (

3. Password Input B computer 

4. If successful, the appearance of Desktop computer B will appear in Computer A

For a remote computer via the Internet network is not much different way with the remote on the local network (LAN). distinguishing only we must know the ID and Password remote team viewer tsb.
Suppose there are 2 PC (A and B)
A: Computer Office, Team Viewer ID = 121626067B: Computer Home, ID Team Viewer = 121626068
If we want to remote into from A to B then we need to consider which is the ID and Password B computer (home computer)
input ID: 121626068 then Password: **********
wait a few moments. If successful, the remote desktop display appears.If you can not try to check a remote computer internet back its been work well or not.

KEY: Remote Computer,Internet Conection