Monday, June 13, 2011


Simantec PcAnywhere, is a sorftware a reliable and very useful especially in an office environment between computers connected to each other.
other than beneficial to each other between a remote computer on the network, the program also can be used for remote computer outside the network but connected to the internet.
The method of use is sebagat follows:
1. Install software SymantecPcAnywhere Free Here
2. To perform a second remote computer either in remote or remotely have to install this program.
3. For a computer on the remote should be on standby position (waiting) by:
> Open Courses SymantecPCAnyWhere.
> Select Menu BE A HOST PC
> Underneath right-click on Network> Propertise
> Make sure that the select TCP / IP
> To start click 2 times on the Network until there is a small computer image on the right bottom.

4. After the computer at a remote Host ready now how remotenya from another computer.
> Open Program
> Go To Menu REMOTE
> Right-click on Network
> Make sure that the select TCP / IP
> Then click 2 times on network
> Wait for the search process is complete
> After a while will find the name of the computer in standby current
> Click 2 times on the computer name.

Similarly, in ways remote computer SymantecPcAnywhere.
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