Friday, June 10, 2011


For the beginner who in their daily life and work using computers and often online and of course use email facilities either email yahoo, google etc, as well as the default Windows Outlook email.

This time I will discuss about how to set outlook as well as how to backup data for any time if there is a problem with our email data windows are not lost.

A. Setting Outlook

> Jump Menu go to Programs> OutlookExpress

> Go to Tools menu> Accounts> Add> mails
> Enter the Display name then Next
> Enter the Email Address, then fill Incomingnya appropriate Outgoing and manage your email next until the process is complete.

Email ready for use.

B. Importing Email Address

By creating a new email in your Outlook contacts do not have email, so you can more easily from the File Address menginpornya long so you do not need to enter contacts one by one

now do the following:
> Prepare a WAB file that contains your contacts from the old Backupdata.
> Go to menu File> Import> Addressbook
> Wait until the process is complete.

C. Outlook Data Backup

In addition you can set Outlook as well as manage your outlook can also copy the contents of your Outlook to be saved because sewaktu2 there is a problem with your operating system with the easy way to save data in the form of data Outlook Inbox, SentItem etc. stored in Outlook
way he is:
> Login to Win Explorer
> Show all files and folders in the menu View> FolderOption
> Kemidian View> Choose ShoHiddenFile
> After performing selahkan go to:
c: \ documents and settings> server (depending on your users)> Local settings> Application data> identities>
Outlook data is stored here, copy this folder to store your data if at any time you need to include it again.

so hopefully useful tips and tricks
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