Friday, June 3, 2011



If you make the program such as sales, libraries, savings and loans etc, there are some obstacles such as sudden program error, the program does not run properly and other problems.
in this context I will talk about how to fix damaged mdb database.

How you can do as follows:
1. go to STAR> RUN type odbcad32 then press ENTER
2. Navigate to your current database name in the ODBC settings.
3. Click the Configure button
4. Enter your database password in the Login name
5. Then click OK
6. Next you click the Version 4X
7. Define a new database on the database name.
8. Click OK to start the process
9. Aftar finished click OK then Cancel and then Cancel again
10.Rename MDB is the old name with the name Other MBD  

11.Rename new name with the name of the old MDB for change it.

Sucsess program runs as before, and that corrupted mdb database has been resolved.

If this still does not work. then open MDB with SQL or Query or Vidit.,
with sql command then open MsyscompactError table, there you will find names table has been corrupted, and you can delete then make it again, then the original input data into the table you just substitute update
Good luck