Tuesday, June 7, 2011


With the rapid technology today, almost everyone has a lively memory of portable flash with another word or External RemovebleDisk.
Along with the development of hardware, the software was developed, then what happens if we often use disk Removeble us to hire an internet connection or at your friend's computer, office computer etc,  
what happens is we Removelbe exposed to the virus.
Files that are illegal that goes into FlashDisk us, by chance we wear on our computer so the virus into our computer, that will happen is that our computers do not work optimally, Operating systems do not work, I can not boot etc, this will be very bother us in all things related to computers, if we could install the windows yourself, time will be taken, but if we can not then the money will come out to pay the costs insttall ualng ets,
Therefore I will introduce a freeware for you to use in your FlashDisk, and Illega Files will not go into your computer because you're in LOCK removebledisk become Read Only. Ok for more details, please download file is here USB_ReadOnly