Thursday, June 2, 2011


My friends who are often working with computers both at work and at home.
I'll share my experience with the problems that computers can not boot, so the problem is your computer get into windows as usual but after entering your USERNAME and PASSWORD computer into the process either the main menu of Windows XP as well as others, but after a while your computer back to Username and Password boxes. so on so you can not enter the main menu on the Windows screen.

There are several ways that can be used to fix this is:

1. Re-Install Windows
2. Repair Windows
3. How To Easily.

Of the three ways above course you will choose the easy way
Here we will discuss is how EASY,

Why this happens is actually very simple, FILE UserInit in c: \ windows \ system32 \ damaged or lost or deleted, so you simply unite to fix the damaged file from another computer ...
Easy is not ...  

or if you do not have the file is you can DownLoad Here:
Congratulations Normal Back Your Computer.

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