Thursday, June 2, 2011


Speedy setting using routher Cisco, Linksys,
some speedy new output is equipped with wireless and has auto conn perfect, but before it can be used to go through the stages of setting that we must first set, of course you already have a USERNAME and PASSWORD from your phone networks such as telecom, etc..
How setting speedy linksys are as follows:
1. Reset Lynksys was first to be in default positions.
2. Go to Internet Explore.
3. Go to Address and then type in:
4.Masukan default username and password "admin"
5. Display linksys will appear like this:

Settings according to your needs:
- Encapsulation select which PPP0E
- Select LLC
- Select Enable to activate the edit VCI
- Fill VCI with the number 8 and 81 below
- contents USERNAME and Password that you have
At the DHCP-enabled select
- Then Save Settings.
6. Wait a while until the lights turn on the Internet.
7. If you've already lit means conn.

Before setting your DSL light should have lit.
you can change the IP, became the local IP with the IP setting in the Local IP address.
So help from me if you have any questions please leave a comment.


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